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Are all your pages correctly indexed by the major search engines?

Before thinking to your website ranking, you have to be sure that your pages are indexed by the search engines. It is important to optimize your website’s design along with other factors like your content, links, page titles and Meta tags. An optimized web design becomes both easily usable by your visitors and search engine friendly. Its structure must be recognizable for the search engine crawlers and spiders. Optimizing your web design is for the purpose of making your website more user friendly, navigable and spiderable for the search engine crawlers.

If your website structure is SE friendly, and your content is regularly updated, then SE spiders will index your pages with a major frequency. You may also periodically check the inclusion of your pages in the search engines using site submission checker tools like the one below:


For a better site indexing use SE friendly talbes.

Use a submission record to track your historical site indexing.